Panel during the ABN AMRO - Amsterdam Investor Forum 2019

Amsterdam Investor Forum 2019

The Vice President of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, mr R.A.U. Juchter van Bergen Quast, was fortunate to attend the annual Amsterdam Investor Forum 2019, organized by ABN AMRO Clearing. This most interesting event took place in Amsterdam on 19 and 20 March 2019. Now in its 8th year, the forum welcomed 250+ Institutional investors, fund managers and industry participants to debate and discuss the most important challenges and opportunities facing the industry in 2019.

SCCN participated in interesting discussions about the development of new, complex financial instruments and the formation of subsidiaries of Swiss financial firms in The Netherlands. The result has been that at least one firm is convinced that it needs to establish a Dutch entity in order to expand its network in Europe. It is very well possible that ABN AMRO Clearing will be chosen as its banking partner.

ABN AMRO Clearing is an independent global business partner providing an integrated service package for professional businesses. The pedigree of the firm goes back to the 1980’s, when the first Options Exchange in Europe was started in Amsterdam. Since then ABN AMRO Clearing have grown into a leading global securities services provider. Operating for many years under the “MeesPierson” and “Fortis” brand, the firm rebranded in ABN AMRO Clearing.

Today ABN AMRO Clearing clears and finances over 16 million trades per day and the section covers 90 of the world’s leading exchanges across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. ABN AMRO Clearing’s international network provides comprehensive market access to exchange-listed instruments such as stocks, futures and options. It also covers non-exchange listed investment instruments and alternative products including bonds, OTC derivatives, warrants, forex, forwards and energy and commodities derivatives.

ABN AMRO Clearing consistently ranks among the top three clearers in every time zone, based on market share of transactions cleared.