Branded content media package

Our branded video content package provides you with unprecedented digital marketing assets

More than 75% of all communication professionals apply branded content. Branded content campaigns create marketing experiences virtually indiscernible from what the audience might seek from their favorite media/ entertainment personalities. We created a very effective media package to provide your business with multiple brand or product videos to use for individual advertising material. Our media package is for those who looking to take their brand presence to the next level by utilizing strategic insights and by sending essential content to the client.


Media distribution

We do not waste time and resources broadcasting your message across all social platforms. Instead, we identify which tactics are moving the needle most for your brand and use only those to get your message out. We focus on effective distribution channels, like CNN International Commercial, CNN Create, LinkedIn and Twitter.


  • We make a strategic digital analysis of your company in order to develop a deeper understanding of what we need to achieve your business goals. Then, we will make a creative brief which includes a film shoot (between 8 and 12 hours). We visit your company and create a long- and short company or product video. The team consists of a marketing director, anchors, producer, head designer, make-up artist, transcripts & translations, pre-production, post-production, editing, graphics & designs, studio technical set-up & crew.
  • We need between 2 and 3 weeks crafting your videos content. Afterwards, we send you a rough cut so you can see the creative direction of your brand video. We want to make sure you are happy with the overall direction the video is heading before we start doing all of the final touches.
  • Finally, we create the different digital formats that specific social media platforms require for their software. Our team makes sure that that you get everything ready to launch your campaign.

More information

Please contact our marketing director for further information:

  • Chris de Hahn, 
  • cvonhahn2001 at
  • +41 76 421 23 44