M&A services

Introducing professional investors to entrepreneurs

Although there are different ways to buy an existing business, in most cases the process of buying a company is broadly the same. SCCN serves as your single point of contact and coordinates the entire process.

Why expand to Europe?

  • Having a home base for your business in the EU will save on shipping and transportation.
  • European expansion helps you diversify your business, decrease international business risk, and grow your revenue streams.


When you want to buy a company in Europe, we follow the following steps.

  • Setting of the criteria that need to be met by the companies we target.
  • Creating a profile of the companies that is of interest to you.
  • Sharing the profile within our networks. When candidates come forward, we connect the two of you.
  • An independent and certified specialist analyses the targeted company and gives an indication of its business value.
  • A letter of intent is made containing the main terms of the acquisition. In 95% of cases, signing the letter of intent leads to a transaction.
  • An independent specialist carries out a due diligence investigation. There are several reasons why due diligence is crucial:
    • Confirm and verify information that was brought up during the deal or investment process
    • Identify potential defects in the deal or investment opportunity and thus avoid a bad business transaction
    • Obtain information that is useful in valuing the deal
    • Make sure that the deal or investment opportunity complies with the investment or deal criteria
  • After a successful due diligence, the deal can be closed.

Reach out to us if you want to expand your business in Western Europe.