Fee structure

Why entrepreneurs choose us

  • Even our competitors sometimes ask us to help them out.
  • Our retainer fee is refundable because we deliver what we promise.
  • We have the golden Rolodex.
  • Since 1933, we live up to our clients’ high expectations.

Your key success factors

  • Introduce you to professional investors.
  • Unlock key insights for closing deals with investors.
  • Share essential insights for successful business development

Our Fees

  • For closing the deal, you agree to pay us a success fee equal to 6.3%.
  • For introducing professional investors, you agree to pay us a retainer fee of 632 Euro per month (excluding VAT) for a period of 6 months. The retainer fees will be refunded if no potential, professional investors come forward.


When we have decided that we want to work with you, we will add value to your company from day one. The refundable retainer is the fee for introducing professional investors. It covers our expenses for building up and managing the network, preserving good relations with investors, for our time and expertise, and the value of the reputation of our Chamber since 1933. For closing the deal, we charge a success fee. This is a reassurance that we will do our best to persuade the investor to put capital into your company after he has shown an interest.

We understand that you are not looking for a good price, but you are looking for results. The services of our Chamber are in demand because very few firms are as good as we are. Because of the limited space in our schedule, we are currently only taking on retainer clients.

Please keep in mind that the retainer is refundable. We guarantee that we will introduce professional investors who have shown an interest in your company and understand its market potential. We will also introduce you to one of the most effective startup communities available. In addition, we help you deal with investors, advise you on issues and have regular conversations to adjust your strategies.

We look forward to working with you and to starting the operation.