Features & functions

Introducing professional investors to entrepreneurs

What our platform offers

Your current situation

  • Costly, paper-based, and time-consuming processes
  • Almost zero liquidity

Our solutions

  • Digitized and automated processes
  • Immediate trading and liquidity (premium: 20-30%)


  • Digital shares
  • Cost-effective trading
  • Transferable shares
  • 24/7 Markets
  • Rapid settlement

Asset Owner

  • Your own asset crowdfunding platform
  • Digitizes and automates many processes related to financing and management of investors
  • Advanced share cap table module
  • Allows investing in most currencies
  • Uses audited smart contracts for high safety and security
  • Offers instant liquidity through our OTC marketplace
  • Shareholder meetings, votes, etc.
  • Electronic signatures
  • Tokens are compatible with exchanges, custodians, etc.

Additional benefits

  • Ability to fractionalize/democratize: reduced ticket size and increased diversification
  • Access to new types of investors
  • Access to new global infrastructure of investors and secondary liquidity
  • Programmable tokenized shares for automation of cross-border transfers, lock-up periods, dividend payment, etc.
  • Smart “functions”: custody, DeFi lending, atomic transfer, etc.
  • Increased security by removal of human errors
  • Transparency and traceability


  • Investor registration and verification (KYC/AML)
  • Token purchase
  • Electronic document workflow and signatures

Corporate management

  • Tokenized shareholders register over multiple share classes
  • Investor communication and voting
  • Dividends
  • Freeze/renewal of tokens


  • Internal exchange
  • Integration to custodians, banks and payment platforms