Our history

Our heritage

Photo: SCCN Event Amsterdam, 12 December 1961. f.l.t.r:Ir. P.R. Bentz van den Berg, President SCCN and Director of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Hoogovens en Staalfabrieken N.V; E. de Haller, Swiss Ambassador to The Netherlands; Prof. dr. J. Zijlstra, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, President of De Nederlandsche Bank, President of the Bank for International Settlements in Basel; Secretary-General Dr. M.J. Prinsen (photo: collection Anefo).

Located in The Netherlands since 1933, the SCCN is an international organisation focusing upon building networks among corporate and government entities, providing resources for business development, and engaging in forums to further the economic development of The Netherlands and Switzerland. 

We connect private companies that have expansion plans with relevant counterparties in Europe to facilitate market access and strategically grow their businesses.

Since building and maintaining financial wealth is an ever-changing and dynamic process, the SCCN provides its associates with insight and advice regarding the relevant business sectors and their opportunities. We promote economic, commercial and scientific contacts among governmental and non-governmental organisations and companies. The SCCN links companies to suitable investors and strategic partners who are carefully selected from the associates in our network. In doing so, the SCCN guides a wide variety of companies to their entrepreneurial future.