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How the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands and the European Chamber of Digital Commerce add value to your company

The activities of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands in conjunction with the European Chamber of Digital Commerce focus, quite simply, on Business Development. The SCCN operates in an international spectrum. Internationally orientated entrepreneurs want us as their guide to develop their client-base and to attract professional investors from SCCN’s network. There services are available for entrepreneurs only.

Developing your client-base

The art of creating added value (and thus attracting clients) starts with the ability to see your business through the eyes of your clients. To build a client-base, you must create a plan to gain clients, keep the clients you have and continuously market to grow the base. The added value is the utility, or the use, that the client needs. It is the clients’ specific need, or the benefit that the client seeks, that defines quality in his or her mind. One of the most effective ways to increase value is simply to increase the speed with which you deliver the kind of value people are willing to pay for. Partnering with SCCN will add value to your company with lightning fast speed, resulting in a dramatic increase in sales.

Action plan

Step 1: Understand what drives value for your clients

  • We will talk to your clients, survey them, and watch their actions and reactions. We want to determine what is important to your clients and what opportunities you have to help them.

Step 2: Understand your value proposition

  • It is important to understand that the value your clients receive is equal to the benefits of your product or service minus its costs. Together with you, we are going to determine what value your product or service creates for your clients. We need to determine what your product/service costs them. ‘Costs’ is a broad concept. It includes, for example, the amount of time that your clients need to buy or use your product or service.

Step 3: Identify your client characteristics and segments to create more value then your competitors

  • Different clients will have varying perceptions of your value relative to your competitors. It is sometimes difficult, but always necessary to determine a product characteristic that a certain segment or client type may find particularly attractive.

Step 4: Create a win-win price

  • Set a price that such that clients understand that they are receiving value. On the other hand, the price should also maximize your revenues.” When you are able to add value in the eyes of the client, they are usually willing to pay more. For unsatisfied clients the price will never be low enough.

Attracting professional investors

In certain cases, you need external funding to help you in developing your business. SCCN will make sure your plans enable investors to make money. This will be their overwhelming motivation. Investors want to see a healthy return on their investment within three years. Together with SCCN you will show them how this will happen. We have a large network of Investors, Family Offices, Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms, Private Banks, Hedge Funds and M&A Advisors to tap into, based on your specific capital or business development needs. SCCN facilitates meetings with investors or business partners on-demand that lead to results.

Action plan

Step 1: Thoroughly review your company for investors

  • At SCCN, we will make sure that we thoroughly review your operations and financial results to make sure that your company is ready for professional investors and strategic partners. That way SCCN will be able to help you improve your position.

Step 2: Prepare documents to help inform investors

  • At the SCCN we work with a document called a “deal book” which is a quick and efficient way for investors to review operational results as well as any other corporate document relevant to help your business appeal to investors.

Step 3: Reach out to investors

  • When we have enough information about your business, SCCN will start reaching out to professional investors and strategic partners within our network. We have worked hard to set up good relationships and a large network to help introduce your business to the right people. Knowing that most investors take several weeks to respond to your inquiries, we will work earnestly to keep selling your opportunities to these investors until a deal can be made.

Step 4: Help you in closing the deal

  • While we will strive to help you along every step of closing a deal with investors, there may be a point where we at the SCCN are unable to help you. Usually, a specialised attorney, a valuation expert and an accountant will be required when finalising the deal. It is important that you “paper over the deal” in a careful and professional matter, as it may influence how it is viewed by the Tax Authorities, the Financial Authorities and other stakeholders.

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