How we operate

We first check whether your company has enough potential, if the business model solves a serious problem, and the product and service are scalable. 


We work with our clients in a very straightforward manner:

  • At the beginning of our cooperation, we will send you information on how to prepare for investor meetings and on fine-tuning your business plan.
  • We will also send you a suggestion for joining one of the most effective startup communities in the world.
  • We prepare an anonymous profile of your company, whereby it is crucial that investors immediately understand the added value of the business model.
  • We share this profile within our networks of professional investors.
  • When an investor comes forward, we send the investor your contact details and tell them that they can expect a call or email from you.
  • At the same time, we send you the contact details of the investor and add some details about the response we got from them.
  • After you had a conversation with the investor, we appreciate being informed in order to discuss the strategy. We also help you deal with investors, advise you on issues that may come up and have regular conversations to adjust your strategies.
  • Regularly, we will send you new investors, and we will discuss the future strategy, based on your feedback.
  • It is also possible that, apart from professional investors, entrepreneurs will come forward who are interested in an MBI.
  • During the period of engagement, we will have regular contact to monitor the developments.

Our reach

We will share your profile anonymously among the following investors in our databases:

  • International M&A advisory firms. Australia (3), Austria (8), Bahrain (1), Belgium (25), Bulgaria (2), Canada (3), China (2), Croatia (3), Cyprus (1), Czech Republic (6), Denmark (4), Estonia (1), Finland (3), France (115), Georgia (1), Germany (85), Greece (1), Hungary (2), India (4), Ireland (9), Israel (2), Italy (8), Japan (1), Lebanon (1), Lithuania (1), Mexico (1), Netherlands (163), Poland (4), Portugal (2), Romania (2), Singapore (1), Slovakia (1), South Africa (1), Spain (11), Switzerland (15), Turkey (1), Ukraine (1), United Arab Emirates (1), United Kingdom (97), United States (5), Uruguay (2).
  • International corporate M&A. Belgium (2), Canada (2), Germany (5), Netherlands (19), Norway (1), Qatar (1), Sweden (4), United Kingdom (1), United States (1).
  • International investment firms. Austria (1), Bahrain (1), Belgium (6), Canada (1), France (31), Germany (44), Ireland (1), Italy (1), Luxembourg (1), Netherlands (77), Poland (1), Spain (1), Sweden (1), Switzerland (8), United Kingdom (34), United States (2).
  • Dutch entrepreneurs and (private) qualified investors. Circa 35.000.
  • Apart from the aforementioned firms, the CEO of SCCN will send your company profile to the CEO’s of a relevant selection of high-profile VC firms from our 6.000+ VC/PE/Venture development database.