Memorandum of Understanding signed between SCCN and ZAS Ventures

On 29 August 2022, Bob Juchter van Bergen Quast, CEO of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands and Andriy Zinchuk, CEO of ZAS Ventures, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to coordinate mutual investment strategies.

The cooperation will establish effective consultation, co-operation, and the exchange of information between the two parties. In particular, SCCN and ZAS will coordinate their work by exchanging appropriate information and promoting together their services in such fields as investment promotion, enterprise development and SMEs, development of e-commerce, trading partner agreements, online dispute resolution, and self-regulatory instruments in e-commerce. SCCB and ZAS will continue to promote each others’ services, such as business development and investment facilitation.

By connecting each other’s networks, SCCN and ZAS will promote cooperation among top officials from governments and the business community.

ZAS Ventures

Founded in 2021 by Andriy Zinchuk, ZAS Ventures is a venture capital firm in San Francisco and Kyiv, that boosts outstanding entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe by building SaaS & cloud startups. ZAS invests in seed-stage startups that target the US market.

ZAS aims at helping founders with key elements on their path to building the next unicorns from the Central and Eastern European region. ZAS is a founder-friendly, “hands-on,” and mentor-driven venture fund. Ex-Founders, Marketing Leaders, and Executives at Top Tech companies in the United States are mentoring their startups to accelerate their path to unicorn status.