MOU between Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands and North Forge Technology Exchange

The Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands and North Forge Technology Exchange in Canada have established a working relationship and a common strategy, focussing on effective and efficient international trade, industrial restructuring, enterprise development and entrepreneurship. Both parties believe that modern business stands to benefit from improved trade facilitation, security measures at the border, and the development of e-commerce and e-business. NFTE is a focal point within Canada for the development, maintenance, and promotion of trade facilitation and related expertise. SCCN contributes to and supports the efforts of countries in transition to re-structure industry, promote the development of a new enterprise sector and SMEs, and encourage entrepreneurship. The parties have established a number of common goals:

to establish effective consultation, co-operation, and the exchange of information between them;

to coordinate the work of NF and SCCN by exchanging appropriate information and promoting together their services in such fields as enterprise development and SMEs, development of e-commerce, trading partner agreements, online dispute resolution, and self-regulatory instruments in e-commerce. NF and SCCN will continue to promote each others’ services, such as business development and investment facilitation;

to promote cooperation among top officials from governments and the business community;

to support trade facilitation, industrial restructuring and enterprise development, and the promotion of standards and best practices, business incubators and internet enterprise development in transition economies;

to hold regular meetings to facilitate the exchange of views; to review the provisions and operation of this Memorandum in the light of experience; and to consider modifications and developments to cover specific projects, as appropriate.

MOU d.d. 7 July 2022

North Forge Technology Exchange

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