Your own asset tokenization platform, representing real value

Introducing professional investors to entrepreneurs

ECDC is your entry into private market investing. We operate a private market investment platform that lets you invest in unicorns, pre-IPO companies, hedge funds, and other opportunities. Our platform can issue and manage tokens that represent shares, bonds, etc. on the blockchain. Real estate, sustainable products, art and sports-related products are some applications that are suitable for our platform.


  • Create an online money-making machine in no time.
  • Add the power and reputation of the European Chamber of Digital Commerce to your platform.
  • No loss of control over your company.
  • Our solution covers the full implementation: from technical to legal and marketing.
  • No collateral is needed.
  • No debt financing/no interest rates


We work with our clients in a straightforward manner:

We install your offering on our platform according to your needs (onboarding). This makes it technically possible to sell tokens to the public, and/or qualified investors and raise capital. Your offering shows that it is powered by the European Chamber of Digital Commerce of which the parent company was formed in 1933. You have created asset-backed tokens representing real value.

  • In order to sell the tokens successfully, you require a solid marketing campaign. We will create your marketing plan, specifying the expected returns in relation to your marketing budget. This way you create enormous leverage. The marketing budget is your investment, and the revenues from the tokens are your return on investment.
  • We prepare the legal documentation, including the filing with the financial authorities.
  • We coach you to get started and become successful.

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The platform provides a dashboard for the issuer with a share cap table that is automatically updated when tokens are traded. The token smart contract automatically checks that the buyer is whitelisted and updates the share cap table if the trade is allowed. This ensures that the issuer will avoid non-compliance.

The platform has a dashboard to register and get verified through a customized KYC/AML process. The issuer can track the status of all investors through the issuer dashboard. The issuer can also manage the allocation of shares, approval of investor verification, calling of votes, distribution of dividends, reissuing of lost tokens, etc. The issuer can whitelist new investors that are interested in buying shares.

Our clients use ECDC’s platform to tokenize their assets for three reasons: digitization and automation of processes, fractionalization to reach new types of investors, and massively increased liquidity.


Real estate tokenization is a process in which real estate shares are created as digital tokens on a blockchain. Tokenizing your real estate project can help you raise capital more efficiently by giving investors unprecedented access to private real estate investments, transparency, and liquidity. Tokenization of properties breaks large, expensive investments into fractional slices, creating a security token for each piece. This process allows for the possibility of more liquid and secure secondary trading of tokens.

Tokenizing art can be done in the same way as real estate: it is the shares of the fund that owns the property that is tokenized. This does not allow transferring the right of ownership of the artwork which remains that of the fund, but authorizes the holders of the tokens to benefit from the capital gain realized at the time of the resale of the goods, or of their tokens.