SCCN-Ambassador Ruby Ketting Olivier’s keen interest in sustainable real estate development

Ms Ruby Ketting Olivier, ambassador of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands, has a keen interest in sustainable real estate development.

Ms Ruby Ketting Olivier, Ambassador of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands and Founder & President of FemaleDo.

We hear the environmental argument mostly from private people and increasingly from architecture agencies, less still from real estate developers. For Ruby, making the world a better place is a very strong incentive, especially on a personal level. In the pursuit of a more sustainable world, rising costs of building materials have proven to be a valuable ally of architects, engineers and contractors by delivering multiple benefits, not only to projects but to society as a whole.

The advantages of building with reused materials include lowered project costs, increased aesthetic appeal, reliability and predictability. From a sustainability perspective, combining reused material with advanced building technology can achieve even new heights, and that’s where Ruby wants to make a big impact. When new technologies are added to reused building materials, it enhances strength, toughness and formability. This can help make your project more sustainable and efficient by reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to the dematerialization in the construction industry. End products are safer and slim, and designers have more freedom to dream while using less material. The bottom line is shortened construction time, less waste and lowered associated costs.