SCCN supports green AgriTech startups in the Ukraine

Being at the forefront of innovation, the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands focuses on introducing successful AgriTech startups to professional and qualified investors. AgriTech companies often need assistance in translating agricultural innovation into commercial success. SCCN helps AgriTech companies solve the various challenges they may be facing in their growth stage.

The future of green AgriTech

New technologies are being implemented rapidly, while leading agribusiness companies are teaming up with green AgriTech startups. As production is no longer tied to the countryside or soil, urban farmers are disrupting the industry. Such developments shape the future of green AgriTech.

How we support green AgriTech

With digital technology changing the face of the agricultural world, SCCN aims at introducing new and existing digital technology into the sector. Many AgriTech companies are looking to further update their processes, technology and systems to implement animal and environmentally friendly methods of farming that meet the new demands of the 21st century.

SCCN explores the wide range of opportunities available through programmes, development, support and investment potential. The Chamber explores ways to determine how new and changing technologies will influence the agriculture environment over the next 25 years providing sustainable food solutions.

Ukraine as a AgriTech hub

Since 2014, the investment climate in Ukraine has improved and is currently good enough to achieve high returns on investment. Ukraine is a country with very well-trained staff near to the EU border. The devaluation of the Ukraine’s currency makes it very advantageous for investors from countries with stronger currencies. Personnel, energy and real estate costs are among the lowest in Europe. Tax rates have remained unchanged for years. The tax authorities work more transparently and faster. Legislation has been adapted to the EU requirements and company formation is easy, taking only a few days.

In this attractive business environment, the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine (NAAS) is a successful player. The Academy started its activities in 1931 and has developed into a source of knowledge for AgriTech companies. The academy focuses on science and research, as well as on implementing academic findings in modern business models. The Decree of the President of Ukraine № 8/2010 granted NAAS state recognition.

Considering these advantages, SCCN has chosen Ukraine as a business hub for green AgriTech. The country functions as a platform and location that harnesses and brings business communities together that are involved in various spectrums of the green AgriTech business. The thrust is to promote collaboration, sharing of ideas, innovation and business development.

Requirements for attracting investors

In order to attract potential investors, SCCN needs a successful business model that answers one simple question:

How do we add value to the counter party? The counter party can be a client, investor, co-worker or supplier. Although the question is a simple one, the finding the correct answer is always difficult.

R.A.U. Juchter van Bergen Quast, 2020

The business model is the plan implemented by the company to generate revenue and make a profit from operations. A business model is also regarded as a combination of people interacting in the creation of value. The value creation and care about clients and customers is what distinguishes successful business models from failures.

Setting up a basic business model is a key task of the entrepreneur before the SCCN starts looking for external financing. It describes in a written and/or graphical way:

  1. How will the future business model sell products, services and create value?
  2. What is the value that we add to our customers and clients?
  3. What is the source of our revenues and how can costs and expenses be reduced? and
  4. How will we achieve our strategic objectives?  

Connect to us

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