SCCN’s marketing guru, Jester Schilder, joins Sir Richard Branson on his private island for exclusive mentor event

As part of a prize won, Jester Schilder (right) flew to Necker Island, where he received entrepreneurial advice from the flamboyant billionaire Sir Richard Branson.

The trip to the billionaire’s island was part of the prize for the winners of the Maverick Next Impact Awards. The Awards recognise outstanding achievements in collaboration, innovation, resiliency, and sustainability in entrepreneurship.

The visit was organised in association with the Maverick1000 network, an exclusive group whose contributors include Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, Spanx founder Sara Blakely, and skateboarder Tony Hawk.

The Award is presented to the world’s most promising young impact-driven entrepreneurs. Jester is a partner with Benjamin Auctus and focuses on establishing and managing investment funds, with much of the focus on charities, helping clients realise their philanthropic dreams. Jester helps foundations and charities raise money by organising events and setting up capital-raising campaigns.

Congratulations, Jester!