Success stories

While we are certain that our efforts will drive business development and growth, it’s always better to look at just some recent real-world examples for inspiration.

  • SCCN played an important role in raising capital for BIT49. Its mission is to leverage the huge demand for green crypto mining to accelerate the adoption of green energy worldwide.
  • SCCN invested in Cryptoeasy. The native token of Cryptoeasy interface is intended to offer exposure to any type of Crypto and non-Crypto portfolio (e.g., tokens, NFTs, commodities, securities, real estate) in an easy and trusted way.
  • SCCN invested in The Water Company, an investment consortium, focused on the initiation, facilitation and completion of transactions with a particular focus on making and actively managing innovations and direct investments in water process companies.
  • SCCN invested in CorkBrick. The company reinvents the way we deal with nature and the space we live in. It is a natural solution that can be used again and again while providing us with benefits from nature such as better indoor climate and sound isolation.
  • SCCN found investors, formed an investment vehicle and initiated an NFT marketing campaign for the South African Wildlife Forensic Fund. Its aim is to mobilise wildlife forensic knowledge to increase wildlife crime prosecution levels. For many, WFA’s forensic training will be invaluable in their daily work as a vet, ranger, policeman or prosecutor.
  • SCCN helped to raise capital for the ALS Research Foundation. From harnessing innovative ideas, to translating concepts to therapies, to advancing treatments to people living with ALS. The ALS Research Foundation’s collaborative and global approach to funding research continues to lead to significant discoveries by top ALS scientists around the world.
  • SCCN raised capital for RubiBrands, an e-commerce roll-up company. Rubibrands focuses on acquiring predominantly Amazon brands sourced from Central Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company accelerates its brands, transforming them into global brands via focusing its channel growth on Amazon and beyond, in the hyper-growth marketplaces.
  • SCCN raised capital for Zeely, the ultimate game changer for entrepreneurs. It is a sales growth mobile app that helps small business owners start selling online in minutes. Zeely’s AI automatically generates text and visual content for web stores and ad creatives, so you can grow your business (and make more money) without sweating the small stuff.
  • SCCN was instrumental in raising EUR 500.000 from Belfius Bank and a Canadian investment group for an international restaurant chain.
  • SCCN successfully raised capital for EatSous, the Chef-to-customer platform connecting consumers with premium branded meal kits.
  • SCCN played a key role in the Avatrade marketplace listing of 12 Embraer aircrafts. The placement involved three ERJ145 Embraer and nine E170 Embraer aircrafts. The total value of the deal is EUR 91 million. Avatrade is the world’s online transparent marketplace to buy and sell commercial aircraft parts. Avatrade has been our client since 2021.
  • Also, SCCN played a key role in a product order for Magnes’ NUSHU which is used to continuously monitor patients’ mobility and assist them during activities by giving haptic feedback. The smart shoes collect data while the patient is walking or exercising and processes the data using advanced algorithms. This allows insight into the patient’s gait status as well as their general well-being.
  • SCCN played a key role in establishing a strategic partnership for Ormond Capital.
  • SCCN played a key role in establishing a strategic partnership for Concordia University.
  • SCCN played a key role in the adoption by Microsoft of three Ukrainian universities: National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of UkraineNational Pedagogical Dragomanov University and Ukrainian-American Concordia University. Microsoft is providing its resources to empower educational development in Ukraine.
  • SCCN provided Life Elixir Global with the guidance, support and accountability it needed to set and move through its goals, allowing the company to take its business from where it was to where it wanted to be. SCCN provided crucial strategic partners and was instrumental in making the company even more successful.
  • SCCN provided TripVlog with crucial strategic partners and was instrumental in bringing the company to the next level. SCCN remains on board as part of the management team.
  • SCCN fine-tuned Blue Kraken Online‘s business model and will organise an investor event in Zurich. The BKO in-game economy is based on real rewards. All income is redistributed to players and token holders. BKO is a Play-And-Earn pixel art hack&slash action MMORPG fueled by blockchain technology (ERC-20 tokens and NFTs).