Swiss-Turkish cooperation in the field of corporate finance

The Chamber of Commerce Netherlands-Turkey is managed from its offices in Rotterdam and Istanbul, and stimulates entrepreneurs, start-ups, academic institutions, NGOs, opinion makers and individuals to benefit from the vast business opportunities offered by these great countries. The Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands focuses on connecting entrepreneurs to professional investors.

Both Chambers have agreed to cooperate in the field of international business development. The Netherlands-Turkish Chamber will target Turkish entrepreneurs who require capital to further develop their business or who want to sell their business. The Swiss Chamber will connect these entrepreneurs to professional investors.

Economic cooperation

In 2021, the volume of trade amounted to about CHF 5 billion, making Turkey Switzerland’s 20th most important trading partner. The volume of Swiss investment in Turkey in 2021 totalled CHF 2.3 billion, making Switzerland the country’s 8th largest international investor. Both countries have a number of instruments at their disposal to ensure proper regulation of their economic relations, including the Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement of 3 March 1988 and the agreement on the avoidance of double taxation, which took effect on 1 January 2013.

With its young and active population, the dynamic free-market economy as well as its economy’s strong performance over the past decade and future growth potential, Turkey offers abundant business opportunities for global firms across diverse sectors. Turkey has achieved a much better investment climate in recent years, as a result of effective economic and social policies, growth-friendly monetary and fiscal policies, the new Turkish commercial code, a new incentive program, and a solid financial industry.

History of bilateral relations

Switzerland and Turkey began to develop relations from the 19th century and have since become increasingly close. Two treaties of paramount importance to Turkey were signed in Switzerland. In 1923 the first official contacts between Switzerland and Turkey take place on the margins of the Lausanne Peace Conference. The peace treaty signed at the conference is considered to mark the birth of modern Turkey. In 1926, Turkey largely adopted the Swiss Civil Code and Code of Obligations. In 1936, Turkey gained full sovereignty over the Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits with the signing of the Montreux Convention.

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