CNN Money Switzerland Team pictured in the Studio

The importance of CNNMoney Switzerland as a source of independent business information

The Swiss Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands would like to acknowledge CNNMoney Switzerland as an independent, reliable, and timely source of business, economic, and financial information affecting critical market sectors in Switzerland and internationally. The evolution and globalization of the markets, financial crashes in the American and European economic systems, and rising pressure on behalf of investors over economic performance have fueled the importance of such accurate and independent economic and financial information. CNNMoney Switzerland has provided critical metrics and content driving decisions for the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands and its activities in advising its clients, business development, and market counsel in facilitating both entrepreneurial and governmental interests.

CNNMoney Switzerland acts as a bridge between Switzerland as the most innovative country in the world and the most dynamic people and markets in the present day. SCCN shares in this vision of connecting Switzerland’s business and economic trends to a worldwide audience as a gateway to leaders internationally.