Wildlife Protection Initiative


SCCN focuses on wildlife protection.

We facilitate the sale of digitalized pieces of artwork (NFT’s) which are tokenized onto a blockchain. In general, these digital files do not have physical copies; instead, they exist solely in the digital universe where art collectors can buy and sell them. We have a different approach.

Our NFT’s are connected to real animals and their life stories, and to physical works of art, in the form of digital twins.


It’s now or never; no ifs, no buts. That is the code red warning in the sixth report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in Geneva.


We follow a straightforward agenda:

  • We bring together artists from around the world and invite them to digitalize their art.
  • The art is connected to specific animals, video stories and NFT’s. The art and the NFT’s are sold to the public. The proceeds will be used to support our projects.
  • High-profile international events bring together the supporters of our mission. Influencers promote our projects and attract more awareness.

Current projects


  • A number of artists are involved in the project.
  • High-profile sponsors support us financially or in kind.
  • We are backed by a number of international celebrities.


Our ambassadors are the driving force behind the project.