Legacy Initiative | Ecosystem NFT

Boost your sales? And offset your corporate footprint?

We can help you achieve both objectives at the same time. We have created the Ecosystem NFT specifically for this purpose. An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token: an uncopiable digital unit of value that exists as a registered entry in a database (blockchain). Real wildlife animals are represented by an NFT in the form of a Digital Twin of the original living animal. The Ecosystem NFT provides a real-life marketing model by digitalizing real animals in order to allow virtual adoption as part of a marketing strategy.

What’s in it for me?

You will join the growing range of business leaders who understand that attracting clients can effectively be combined with reducing the corporate footprint:

We create products and services to enrich the lives of our customers. And we strive to do so in a way that sustains the planet and the resources that we all depend on.

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Join global business leaders


Our ambassadors are the driving force behind the project.


Which technology do you use?

NFTs are infiltrating industries in our everyday lives. The Legacy Initiative of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands bridges the Web2 and Web3 worlds by building a link between real-life organizations and the NFTs’ owners through a ‘digital adoption’ relationship. By connecting reality and Web3, we popularize the adoption of NFT to the non-Web3 audience. Real cheetahs, rhinos and other animals will “go virtual” as Digital Twins that can be purchased as an NFT on the blockchain. Their NFT provides a real-life fundraising model for digitalizing real animals for virtual adoption.

We use the most popular security token protocols which helps ensure that the tokens may later be traded on forthcoming security token exchanges. We are your trusted partner to ensure that your NFT’s will be compliant and liquid.

What does an NFT represent?

The NFT is a collection of uniquely designed 3D images, videos and stories of the animals. Unlike traditional NFTs which are typically authenticated artworks, our NFTs Digital Twin collection authenticates a real animal that lives in one of the partnering project’s facilities. Each NFT contains unique biometric data of the adopted animal, which, for animal lovers, means they can keep their Digital Twin forever. 

How will my contribution be invested?

The funds use the NFTs for a number of initiatives such as authenticating medical care and provisions supplied to animals within the wildlife park, including vaccinations, medicine, and prescription diets.

What are Digital Twin Animals?

Every Digital Twin is based on a real living animal currently being cared for at a nonprofit wildlife park. The team of graphic designers studied numerous real-life animals in detail to design the 3D art, averaging 1.5 days to create each individual Digital Twin animal. 

Buying one of the Digital Twin NFT from a collection of many different digital twins will help support various wildlife protection projects across the world in:

  • Digital adoption of real-life animals through certificates
  • Live updates of animals regularly (through social media platforms)
  • Ownership of the artwork
  • Access to physical and online events to meet your supported animals

Every Digital Twin Animal sold will go the extra mile for wildlife parks in supplementing their daily operating costs. The NFT can also be resold on secondary marketplaces via our platform.

How does it work?

We follow a straightforward agenda:

  • We bring together artists from around the world and invite them to digitalize their art.
  • The art is connected to specific animals, video stories and NFTs. The art and the NFTs are sold to the public. The proceeds will be used to support our projects.
  • High-profile international events bring together the supporters of our mission. Influencers promote our projects and attract more awareness.

What happens when the animal dies?

The artwork and the animal’s story will be preserved. The lifespan of an animal is longer than the lifespan of classic marketing campaigns and during its lifetime the animal will produce marketing content for you.

Do you apply a green blockchain?

Yes, we apply Polygon, an Ethereum sidechain. Polygon is carbon neutral with plans to be climate positive. It uses proof-of-stake validation, which ensures very low power consumption. The Polygon ecosystem is optimized for environmentally friendly NFTs and its energy consumption is constantly being improved. When it comes to NFTs, environmental protection is our top priority.

Does tokenization have a future?

  • World Economic Forum: 10% of global GDP on blockchain by 2027
  • Finyear: tokenization market CAGR at 59% from 2019-2030
  • Frankfurt School BC: Europe tokenization market $1.5 trillion in 2024