Our Expertise

Depending on the situation, SCCN brings in services from its corporate experts, e.g. in the fields of marketing, finance and business consultancy. Making use of these services as tools to clarify questions such as how to find funding, how to expand a business, how to organize marketing activities, how best to manage assets, and how to set up an investment fund aimed at attracting (angel) investors for the company or project.

How We Operate

SCCN has a sustained record of creativity and impact. SCCN helps entrepreneurs navigate in this uncertain environment and define strategies and priorities in a new blockchain era. The organization works with a diverse set of banking and non-banking institutions. Our work encompasses overall strategies for our associates; organizational issues; performance improvement and mergers and alliances. SCCN searches for unused potential and shows its associates opportunities to optimize their company or project.

What We Achieve

Careful planning and continuous monitoring of business decisions are essential in accumulating wealth and achieving financial goals. Associates of the SCCN include business executives and management, politicians, industry leaders, lobbyists, lawyers, finance professionals, scientists, doctors and professors. SCCN delivers its associates the building blocks of a sound future.

European Chamber of Digital Commerce

The European Chamber of Digital Commerce (ECDC) is an activity of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands. ECDC’s Digital Future Board Room is a problem-solving roundtable to pressing global issues that shape our digital future. All events are televised by CNNMoney Switzerland. The Court of Arbitration of the European Chamber of Digital Commerce as an independent arbitration institution plays a crucial role in today’s digital world.


Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands becomes member of the World Free Zones Organization

It is with great pleasure to announce the membership of Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands of the World Free Zones Organization (World FZO). The World FZO is a global not-for-profit organization that provides one authoritative, collective voice representing...

A golden opportunity to reinvent your business (before it’s too late)

Faced with the unpleasant reality of the Coronacrisis, you are compelled to reinvent your business. The ability to pull off this difficult feat—to jump from the maturity stage of one business to the growth stage of the next—is what separates high performers from those...

Dr. Jelle Zijlstra Award 2020 Laureate in the Field of Sustainability

Dr. Jelle Zijlstra was the former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, President of the Central Bank of the Netherlands, and President of the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, with long-standing engagement with the Swiss Chamber...

Goldman Sachs 10.000 Women

The Goldman Sachs Foundation is now bringing 10.000 Women online through Coursera to support female entrepreneurs in new corners of the world. These 10 courses blend a world-class business education with a global peer-to-peer network, providing participants with the...

2020|Dr Jelle Zijlstra 200 most-innovative and promising companies in Switzerland

How did this tiny landlocked country, with almost no natural resources of its own, become one of the world’s wealthiest countries, a worldwide financial capital, and home to some of the world’s best known and widely respected companies? Every year, the Dr Jelle...

The future of investment dispute settlement

The original article was published in Family Office Magazine and can be found here. Entrepreneurs engaging in international investments face several issues when they are accused of a breach of contract. When the investment agreement does not provide solid provisions...

Intermediary commission percentages to raise money from investors

Investment banks and other consultants can plan and execute a fundraising campaign for startups and for companies in the growth phase. A reputable fundraising intermediary will likely speed up the process, reduce the legal risks, and negotiate a better deals. Most...

How Chambers of Commerce Help Family Offices and Wealth Management Firms

A Chamber of Commerce has traditionally furthered the interests of businesses in a particular geography or market sector by way of representation, business services, and networking opportunities. Multilateral Chambers of Commerce can link the business environments of...

CEO Cooperates with Research on Italian Startups at King’s College London

“Made in Italy”–does this label have a negative or positive effect on investors making decisions to fund biotech and medical technology startups in Italy? How is Italy perceived as a country? Does this perception carry over into how investors perceive the competence,...

The importance of CNNMoney Switzerland as a source of independent business information

The Swiss Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands would like to acknowledge CNNMoney Switzerland as an independent, reliable, and timely source of business, economic, and financial information affecting critical market sectors in Switzerland and internationally. The...

Oliver von Borstel, President

Oliver von Borstel, is the President of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands and is the CEO of Masters of Business Development as an expert in international business development since 1999. His experience has spanned both the big corporate and startup worlds, providing him with a unique perspective on how deals get done. Von Borstel has a deep understanding of your particular markets and brings the best practices from your industry (or even other industries) to your company. His focus is to expand your markets geographically, extend your product portfolio, reorganize your middle market company to promote efficiency and cost-effectiveness, buy out a smaller competitor, or increase your overall capabilities. Von Borstel is a global expert in Professional Management and Sales Training and conducts Leadership and Communication workshops and coaching for CEO’s and top-level executives. He has served as Board Member for SoliSwiss AG Bern, financial services for the expat community, and has served in executive and C-level positions for over 25 years. He holds a Certification from Harvard University in Launching Breakthrough Technologies and conducts business seminars throughout Europe and the United States. Von Borstel is also the vice president of the European Chamber of Digital Commerce.

Bob Juchter van Bergen Quast, Chief Executive Officer

Bob Juchter van Bergen Quast, Esq. is a lawyer with the right of audience before the Astana International Financial Centre Court, and Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society with extensive expertise in international law and finance, arbitration, and nobiliary law. He is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and has a certificate in English Common Law from the University of London. Law practice certificates were issued by the Netherlands Bar Association and the Flemish Bar Council. Juchter van Bergen Quast was an attorney at the Bar of the Supreme Court of The Netherlands. He received his Master of Laws degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam and Certificate in Financial Markets from Yale University. He served as a Springer reviewer for new computing paradigms which are distributed, heterogeneous, and autonomous, yet meaningfully collaborative, and published The Information Model of the Technical Analysis for Buying and Selling Stocks at Maastricht Research School of Economics of Technology and Organizations. Juchter van Bergen Quast was honored as one of the 2008 New York State Bar Association’s Empire State Counsel. He is also the CEO of the European Chamber of Digital Commerce and president of its Court of ArbitrationJuchter van Bergen Quast is a Descendant member of the Society of the Friends of St George’s and Descendants of the Knights of the Garter (College of St George, Windsor Castle).

OUR HERITAGE since 1933


Located in The Netherlands since 1933, the SCCN is an international organisation focusing upon building networks among corporate and government entities, providing resources for business development, and engaging in forums to further the economic development of The Netherlands and Switzerland. 

We connect private companies that have expansion plans with relevant counterparties in Europe to facilitate market access and strategically grow their businesses.

 Since building and maintaining financial wealth is an ever-changing and dynamic process, the SCCN provides its associates with insight and advice regarding the relevant business sectors and their opportunities. We promote economic, commercial and scientific contacts among governmental and non-governmental organisations and companies. The SCCN links companies to suitable investors and strategic partners who are carefully selected from the associates in our network. In doing so, the SCCN guides a wide variety of companies to their entrepreneurial future.


We deal with top-market parties.


Relations between Switzerland and the Kingdom of the Netherlands are excellent and unproblematic. Economic, cultural and individual exchanges are intensive, friendly and direct. The two countries have very similar perspectives on economic, political and social issues. Switzerland is represented in The Netherlands through its embassy in The Hague, consulates general in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and honorary consulates in Oranjestad (Aruba) and Willemstad (Curaçao). The Netherlands, for its part, has an embassy in Bern, consulates general in Geneva and Zurich, and honorary consulates in Basel and Lugano.

Economic Cooperation

The Netherlands is an important economic partner for Switzerland. Bilateral trade has been constant for many years, with the volume of trade in 2018 amounting to approximately CHF 10 billion. The Netherlands is one of the most important countries for Swiss direct investment. Equally, at the end of 2018 the Netherlands was the second biggest direct investor in Switzerland.

Diplomatic Relations

The Netherlands and Switzerland work closely at the bilateral level in many areas: key among them are policy on Europe, transport and agriculture, and cooperation in the areas of science and innovation. At the multilateral level, the two countries pursue common objectives in particular within the framework of the United Nations (UN).

Research & Innovation

Scholars from the Netherlands can apply for Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships to the State Secretariat for Education Research and Innovation (SERI).


Switzerland is your first class business location. It is the best location for innovation, has stable political, economic and financial conditions, and offers the highest living standard. When will you invest in Switzerland?


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