How to register a .nl domain in The Netherlands from another country

All .nl registrants whose addresses are outside the Netherlands automatically use the SIDN address as a ‘domicile address’. That’s an address where a bailiff can formally deliver official documents (e.g. a summons) to the registrant. The address is: registrant XYZ, C/o SIDN, Meander 501, 6825 MD, Arnhem, The Netherlands. SIDN forwards any official documents that are formally delivered to the registrant at our address. SIDN does not forward other post.If a bailiff delivers an official document to SIDN’s address, this is what they do:

  1. They check that the registrant does actually use SIDN’s address as a domicile address.If the registrant does not, SIDN sends the document back to the bailiff.
  2. If they do, SIDN forwards the document:
    Within three working days:
  • Twice to the registrant’s admin-c e-mail address
  • Once to your admin-c e-mail address
  • Twice to your admin-c e-mail address
  • Once to your registrar’s admin-c e-mail address
  • By registered post to the registrant’s postal address

SIDN does not do anything besides forwarding any documents they receive. SIDN is not responsible for ensuring that the registrant receives anything they forward.

Source: SIDN