ECDC Cooperates with Research on Startups at King’s College London

CEO of the European Chamber of Digital Commerce Cooperates with Research on Italian Startups at King’s College London

“Made in Italy”–does this label have a negative or positive effect on investors making decisions to fund biotech and medical technology startups in Italy? How is Italy perceived as a country? Does this perception carry over into how investors perceive the competence, trustworthiness, prestige, economic success, and influence of Italian bio and medical technology startups?     

Perceptions are a reality in marketing, and a study is being conducted to investigate whether the “Made in Italy” label can be advantageous to startups in sectors which are non-stereotypical to the country of origin (in this case, Italy).     

This project raises important, systemic questions as to how technology startup funding is impacted by investors’ perceptions of the country of origin of the startup.      

Bob Juchter van Bergen Quast, CEO of the European Chamber of Digital Commerce, informed research in the public interest in International Marketing at King’s Business School, King’s College London. Results of this study are expected in 2020.

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