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The Cornerstone of Trust: Why Honesty is Essential for Startup Success

In the world of startups, where innovation and risk-taking reign supreme, honesty often takes a backseat to[…]

The only recipe for your first meeting with an investor

The first step to closing a deal with an investor Valuation of your company Founders tend to[…]

Preparing a killer business plan

Which business models attract investors? 1. Pricing strategy. Many companies think they need to undercut their competitors to[…]

The economic value of peace

During the last twenty years, humanity has entered into a new epoch in its history. This has[…]

CBS investigates imports of digital services

The past decade has seen our economy undergo a metamorphosis thanks to digitisation. Phenomena such as globalisation,[…]

Our free business directory listing | A golden opportunity to reinvent your business (before it’s too late)

Faced with the unpleasant reality of the Coronacrisis, you are compelled to reinvent your business. The ability[…]

Our upcoming events at CNNMoney Switzerland

The Digital Future Board Room is a problem-solving roundtable for experts to provide key direction, perspectives, and[…]

Digital Future Board Room during the World Economic Forum in Davos

The European Chamber of Digital Commerce provides leading solutions for leaders. Our partners enjoy world-class management and technology[…]

Demystifying Valuation: What Is My Tech Company Worth?

There are at least 12 different ways of assigning a valuation to a company. In simple, common-sense[…]

Intermediary commission percentages to raise money from investors

Investment banks and other consultants can plan and execute a fundraising campaign for startups and for companies[…]

Important Message to Cleantech Companies

How Do Tech Companies Cross “The Valley of Death” into Profitability? Engerati covers how the European Chamber[…]

ECDC Cooperates with Research on Startups at King’s College London

CEO of the European Chamber of Digital Commerce Cooperates with Research on Italian Startups at King’s College[…]

The #1 Problem Tech Companies Face

The #1 problem that tech companies face, simply put, is making money. We might have a trailblazing[…]

Statistics Show Women Are Better Entrepreneurs Than Men

Entrepreneur Magazine (Europe) found that 98% of venture capital funding goes to men although women own about[…]

The intriguing history of IT showcased by the Hellenic IT Museum

The European Chamber of Digital Commerce endorses the Hellenic IT Museum for its rich collection of milestone[…]

Becoming an International Offshore Centre – Steps to be taken by African nations

Introduction A number of African countries have began the process of moving away from being a tax[…]

SwissMate Archive

SwissMate is a publication of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands (SCCN), formed in 1933.[…]