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The Cornerstone of Trust: Why Honesty is Essential for Startup Success

In the world of startups, where innovation and risk-taking reign supreme, honesty often takes a backseat to[…]

Business Opportunities in Island States

In a world where business landscapes are often dominated by sprawling metropolises and towering corporate giants, a[…]

The irrelevance of business plans

GO ahead and write that 50-page business plan about your fledgling venture if it helps you to[…]

Doe mee met de Canal Cleanup event van Oris Amsterdam

De exclusieve en wereldberoemde Zwitserse horlogemaker Oris organiseert wereldwijd de Change for the Better-dagen die zich richten[…]

The only recipe for your first meeting with an investor

The first step to closing a deal with an investor Valuation of your company Founders tend to[…]

Swiss Chamber of Commerce partners with SwissCom

SCCN has partnered with SwissCom to help with developing SwissCom’s business in The Netherlands. Swisscom is the largest[…]

Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands partners with GE Ventures

SCCN has partnered with SCCN to introduce professional investors to GE Ventures‘ clients. GE Ventures is an investment[…]