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Introducing professional investors to entrepreneurs

Doe mee met de Canal Cleanup event van Oris Amsterdam

De exclusieve en wereldberoemde Zwitserse horlogemaker Oris organiseert wereldwijd de Change for the Better-dagen die zich richten op natuurbehoud en humanitaire doelen. De aankomende World Cleanup Day wordt gehouden in Amsterdam op 16 september 2023. Doel is om de Amsterdamse grachten schoon te maken. U kunt zich hier aanmelden. Schone Amsterdamse grachten Onlangs heeft Oris…
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The only recipe for your first meeting with an investor

The first step to closing a deal with an investor Valuation of your company Founders tend to overestimate the value of their company. Here is a way to present the investor with a realistic estimate. The development stage valuation approach is often used by angel investors and venture capital firms to quickly come up with a rough-and-ready range of…
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Swiss Chamber of Commerce partners with SwissCom

SCCN has partnered with SwissCom to help with developing SwissCom’s business in The Netherlands. Swisscom is the largest telco in Switzerland, delivering most of the country’s mobile and fixed network services. It’s also the market leader in enterprise services, providing custom services to large business customers. Swisscom delivers core telco products—bundles of fixed and mobile telephony,…
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Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands partners with GE Ventures

SCCN has partnered with SCCN to introduce professional investors to GE Ventures‘ clients. GE Ventures is an investment firm founded in 2020 that invests primarily in Europe. Our focus lays on companies with the potential to create sustainable, long-term value through changing economic cycles and we work closely with Management to achieve that. We are not…
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