The intriguing history of IT showcased by the Hellenic IT Museum

The European Chamber of Digital Commerce endorses the Hellenic IT Museum for its rich collection of milestone computers and peripherals that have led to the progress of information technology.

This special IT Museum in Greece started its operations in 2009. Since 2012, the Museum constitutes the first official Greek organization that exclusively exhibits the IT history timeline from 1970 to mid-1990s through its vast collection of historic hardware and software.

The technological products of today are the discovery of yesterday and the retro innovation of tomorrow. The Hellenic IT Museum saw a unique opportunity to emerge through the rapid evolution in the field of information technology. The Museum highlights the importance of technological progress that has brought us the digital era and a technological future. That’s why a group of IT-enthusiasts decided to create the Hellenic IT Museum: to gather and share knowledge about the history of IT.

The team of the Hellenic IT Museum is composed of people who have a passion for the history of Information Technology.

As a city renown for its ancient heritage and historical treasures, Athens is now the perfect region for this rare experience in taking the visitor through a journey into the timeline of digital innovation.

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