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Introducing professional investors to entrepreneurs

Legacy Initiative

Goal SCCN focuses on wildlife protection. We want to create a digital ecosystem of complementary projects focussing on wildlife protection and turning exotic animals into family members. What makes this project so special As part of the world’s ecosystems, wildlife provides balance and stability to nature’s processes. The goal of our Initiative is to ensure the survival of…
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ING co-creates blockchain-based trade-settlement platform

ING has joined forces with other global banks to create a digital coin that can be used to settle international money transfers instantly, cutting out intermediaries and lowering transaction costs. This is a new step in the development of the utility settlement coin (USC) project set up in 2015 by Swiss bank UBS. It focused…
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Blockchain Expo Europe 2019

Europe’s largest Blockchain Conference and Exhibition focuses on the future of enterprise technology, with two days of top-level content from leading brands, embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies. Returning to RAI Amsterdam on June 19-20, the Blockchain event is co-located with the IoT Tech Expo, AI & Big Data Expo and Cyber Security & Cloud…
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Solutions for Haiti using Digital Transformation

In 2017, Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School gave an important presentation about a strategy for restoring Haiti’s prosperity. A crucial part of his advice is to “make attracting foreign investment a core strategy“. In this article I will provide a suggestion to implement such a strategy. The causes of Haiti’s poverty Poverty…
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Nestlé announcing a major blockchain collaboration with IBM

A group of leading retailers and food companies including Nestlé and Walmart have signalled their commitment to “strengthen consumer confidence” in the foods they purchase by announcing a major blockchain collaboration with IBM. The consortium will work with ‘Big Blue’ to identify the “most urgent areas” across the global food supply chain that could benefit…
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